Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Small Changes create a Comfy Home

Happy Wednesday! I have a medical appointment today so no school for me. Since I have a few minutes before I have to go I thought I'd share a few small changes we've made in our living room. If you'll recall I mentioned a new love seat I found for $125.00. It was not the upholstery I fell in love with but the style and the fact that it rocks! Yes I said rocks! It is such a comfortable piece to curl up and read or watch a bit of TV.

I remembered a piece of artwork we had stored because it just didn't seem to have a place. It does now...
And on the walls that flank our patio doors I placed some wrought iron pieces I almost got rid of.
The last bit of change was adding an area rug in front of the new love seat. Hubby wasn,t sure of the pattern but I love how it adds pattern, scale, and color.
                 “Home is the most popular, and will be the most enduring of all earthly establishments
                                                                                                                                     C. Pollock
                 Until next time...may your home be the most popular, enduring place for you and yours.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Blossoms or Snow?

With all the cold, wind, and snow I thought it would be a bit refreshing to visit a bit of summer.
Hollyhocks say summer to be in the best way possible. Gently, beautifully, with the artistry that can only be God's work.
In my last post I created a list of things I'd like to do today, tomorrow, and someday!
The first item on the list is one I feel confident in saying for today I have accomplished creating a comfortable home. I will take some pictures soon to share with you.
We purchased a brand new love seat at one of my favorite second hand stores here. It still had the tags attached to it.  The best part of this purchase was it's price-$125.00! The second best thing about this love seat is that it is a rocker. I love relaxing in it while reading or crocheting.
Now, a new piece of furniture inspired us(Hubby got involved) to make some other simple changes that added up to a refreshing atmosphere. Sometimes just rearranging or moving the artwork on the walls can give one a whole new perspective on things. I swapped out the lamps from our bedroom with those that had been in the livingroom and like magic the transformation took hold. I promise to take pics and post them in the next few days.
I am recovering from a cold so this weekend will be about rest, refuel, and restoration of my spirit. A weekend for me! Hubby has the Packer/Bear game so he's all for whatever I want to do!
Happy Wife-Happy Life is his motto! I like it too!
Have a weekend of change, rearrange, renew, restore whatever your spirit moves you to do.
And as always - enjoy every moment to it's fullest.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snowflakes, a Puppy Dog, and Thoughts to Design...

 It's snowing today. We got about 3-4 inches and it has slowed down to flurries. I had to take a few pictures it is really very pretty.

Now I have to tell you that Buddy is waited patiently to get outside! He loves the snow. So hubby got bundled up and off they went.

Here's our silly boy after coming back in from outside. He likes to roll around on an old towel to dry himself off. He has such a proper expression he looks like he waiting for a regal introduction. Sir Buddy Boy maybe?!       
Anyway, enough of that before I bore you to death.
I have been thinking allot for the past two weeks about a new word for the year and have finally come to a decision. My word for the year is "design" and here is a list of things I'd like to design...
1. a comfortable home
2. healthier relationships
3. go kayaking
4. a new food plan
5. a travel adventure
6. a YA novel
7, a business adventure tied to English and Reading
8. pass on a few nuggets of knowledge
9. walk daily
10. collect art by Jacque LaLande
11. find an old school friend- Susie
12. Christmas in Savannah
13. Revisit Cape Cod and hang out on the Beach
14. Be a better friend
15. Create a personal masterpiece
16. Grow flowers and vegetables
17. learn to knit
18. learn something new
19. visit a zoo
20. donate something to a museum
21.get the office organized
22.Write a cookbook
23. visit the Smithsonian
24. join a book club
25. drink more tea
26. Meet Mrs. Clinton
27. Read the Bible daily 
28. Sort, organize, and complete Christmas projects
29. tai chi
30. take a creative writing class
31.a musical instrument-guitar maybe
32.create an art journal
33. create a Haiku journal
34. send all birthday cards on time -no more belated cards
35. Volunteer
36. be published
37. Explore an abandoned building
38. attend the longest rummage sale in the country
39. Open a resale shop
40. be published
41. Meet all my Blog friends
42. Attend a silent retreat
43. Spend more time with the girls
44. give John an unexpected gift
45. be of service to others
46. get all photos organized
47. create memory books for Emily and Amanda
48. find a fabulous dress for Emily and Brian's Wedding an extra in a film
50. find a small white table - a perfect table for my office for projects
It all begins one one simple step, one simple gesture...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Patchwork Beauties

Color, pattern,and shape can be found in every aspect of our lives. This almost sounds like a lead in for a lecture on the basic elements of art. But instead it is an introduction to the two lap quilts I found on our holiday road trip.
This is going to go over the back of my chair to insure I am cozy while reading.
I just love anything patchwork and even though these are not antiques they are pretty. This one may be used as a table runner. It was quilted but there is no batting between the layers.

Patchwork pieces in

Red and Blue and another hue

Sewn and fastened together patiently

With faith, hope, and love.
 I'm in my chair under my quilt, a pumpkin muffin and a fresh cup of coffee...
And a book that's sure to make me smile and laugh.
Enjoy your evening.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year...
May God walk with you and guide your steps in the upcoming year.
One day at a time all things are possible with Him.