Saturday, June 26, 2010

Come Walk With Me at Perry Farms

And I continue to walk and take joy in all the God has created...
Have a day filled with nature...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's All In The Routine

Everyone needs a little piece of the outdoors to call their own sanctuary. My retreat comes in the form of a balcony off our living room.
I've had one week of summer break from school and I was concerned about what I would do with the lack of a routine. I know myself and I don't do well without a routine. So I took advantage of the foresight into the change coming and did some things I'm really enjoying. For starters I am up at 7:00am, I walk from 8am-9am, have breakfast, 30 minutes of  inspirational reading and meditating and then on with the rest of my day.
Some of the other activities include:
Cleaning, Decorating, and Putting on a Fresh Face:
I started by taking one area of the apartment daily and began a deep clean, then changed up the decor in simple ways to freshen the look for the summer.
The area I decided to work on first was our balcony.  I have a bistro table and two chairs at one end and a chair and small end table at the other end. The furnishings work for coffee, tea in the afternoon, reading, and writing but it had no personality so I found two crockery planters for $2.00 a piece and purchased purple
and yellow petunias. I placed one on each table.  In addition I found the candle touchier. It adds such fabulous glow in the early evening.  The last thing I'd like to do is a small outdoor carpet to tie it all together.
The next stop the office/ guest room.


The addition of items that are unique, pretty, or simply speak to me often requires crafting, painting, and refurbishing. My latest project is a triptych of funky 1970's buildings. Each is in a different degree of distress but I have begun to clean, repaint, and eventually I will frame them.  Notice the scratches in the roof; that scratch ran the length of the picture. Restoration continues!

I also came across eight wooden houses in different styles for .50 each. I am thinking about ways I can display them other than setting them on a shelf. Any ideas?

These are just a few of the Painted Ladies. I'm thinking a part of a collage? I'll update you on my decision later.
Hope your having a wonderful Wednesday, and now I'm off to plan dinner and catch an hour of reading.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A New Day Begins the Framing of a New Routine

 I am sitting here at my computer. It is the first day of summer break and I am a bit confused as I am completely out of my routine. What to do first? I was up by 7:15, had coffee with Hubby before he left for work, said my morning prayers and did a little meditating on a spiritual reading, had my breakfast(1/2 cup strawberries,a small banana, and vanilla yogart) working on a healthier eating plan!,have answered all email and visited with a few friends via their blogs.  Now what! Housework maybe?

Or maybe some menu and recipe planning?
Or maybe I should take a walk?

Or call a friend and chat?

The possibilities are mind boggling! I am going to call my Mom for a visit via the phone, then do some last minute homework for school, and when I'm finished treat myself to a walk in the park, after that who knows...the day will unfold as God sees fit. 
Have a wonderful day whether you are following a routine that works for you or simply being spontaneous.

(The photos were taken at the Lighthouse Keepers home at Tybee Island,Ga. It is now part of the lighthouse museum.)