Sunday, March 27, 2011

Phone a Friend

Phone a Friend! I have been feeling like I would like to use one of my lifelines.
As spring slowly tiptoes in I am feeling anxious. I have so many things I'd like to do, so many things I need to do, and so many things I have to do...OH MY!
I came across this article and although I wasn't into the whole article this portion really caught my attention:
Body Tattoos are exhibits? Mind tattoos, are they inhibits?
Body tattoos though very apparent and visible, hardly cause any damage to the person physically, psychologically or emotionally. They can be easily concealed under the attire or cosmetics.

Whereas "mind tattoos" are mental imprints, though not physically visible, manifest themselves in a person’s action, reaction, and thought process, more often not in a negative manner. They cannot be concealed but can be got rid of with a little effort and lot of resolve.

The recipe is very simple on paper, certainly a bit difficult to implement, but it is highly achievable with resolve and dedication

"Use the simple displacement method. Mind tattoos and negative mindsets grow in a vacuum. Do not allow vacuum to be created in your mind. Increase your curiosity for things around you and beyond, allow yourself the privilege to be wonder struck. Let the newness of every moment tickle your sense. Question your self, keep asking what, why, when, where and how. A questioning mind is an open mind. It is not a knowing mind. Only an open mind can be creative. A knowing mind can never be creative. When you do this, your mind will be crammed with creativity, positivity and newness. Negative mindsets and tattoos will be automatically displaced and deleted. A questioning stance sensitizes the mind in a very special way and it is able to sense what would have been missed otherwise."
 (From the Article: Remove Mind Tattoo on WikiHow)

I have been working on an Internet business idea and lately my mind tattoos are can't do this!
Yet I will keep asking questions. "A questioning mind is an open mind. It is not a knowing mind. Only an open mind can be creative." And I will continue to create!

How do you fight your mind tattoos?

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